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All of my novels are available on Amazon and your local bookstore.

Wholesale purchases available through Ingram.

Latest release: The Candlemaker's Woman

Based on true events, a traumatic story of mass migration as relevant today as it has been since humans walked out of Africa.

Desperately fleeing the Huns in old Germania, the Suevi tribe sells Melia, a girl on the cusp of womanhood, into slavery, hoping to bribe its way into Gaul. Caught in the middle of the chaotic diaspora, Melia survives the cruelty of her owner, the candlemaker, and excels at making beautiful tapers and votives.  

But when the Suevi and thousands more barbarians storm across the frozen Rhine at midnight, New Years Eve, AD406, Gaul is transformed overnight, and Melia’s life is ripped apart again. Reunited with her family in the calamitous invasion, she is called upon to use her skills and cunning to save them from warring Franks. But will she ever recover the love of her life, the father of her son? 

   Her story imagines how one family, forced from their home by violence and hunger, endures one of the most disruptive and transformative events in history. 

Awarded five-out-of-five five star reviews from Readers' Favorite. 

The Rebel Nun was released in hardcover, audio, and ebook formats by Blackstone Publishing in 2021 (paperback version in 2022) 

Winner of the CIPA EVVY gold for historical fiction

Winner of the CIPA EVVY gold for fiction (Herb Tabak CIPA Choice award)

A Colorado Independent Publishers Association awards finalist for historical fiction, The Rebel Nun is based on the true story of Clotild, the daughter of a sixth-century king and his concubine, who leads a rebellion of nuns against the rising misogyny and patriarchy of the medieval church. When the Bishop of Poitiers blocks Clotild's appointment as abbess and plots to control the female Monastery of the Holy Cross, Clotild leads a group of nuns on a dangerous pilgrimage to win support for their independence. Will Clotild and her sisters succeed in their quest, or will they face excommunication, possible death? A richly imagined story about a truly remarkable heroine.

"The story of an age-old rebellion that speaks to today's women." - Denver Post

Hacienda: A South American Romance. Sunacumen Press,  2017, paperback.

The tale of three Iowa women who find purpose and happiness when they buy a dilapidated estancia in Bolivia and attempt to restore it to its former glory. With Monica's efficiency, Katie's gullibility and Lisa's pugnaciousness, they battle petty corruption, narrowly escape a serial murderer and fend off a crazy tin-baron heir who covets their hacienda. Along the way, they fall in love and unravel the mystery of a suspected werecat in their midst. 

"A confidently joyous story." - Kirkus Review

Professional Lies. Sunacumen Press, 2015, paperback.

Sidney Stapleton had won five LPGA tournaments, and as a tall, graceful beauty, she was the Tour cameramen's favorite, even when she wasn't winning. A car accident ends her professional golf, she married a Seattle millionaire, and started a charity for young women. But she craves her lost celebrity. When sports agent Peter hires her as a high-end escort, bringing in money for her cause, it's all fun, excitement and attention. But as the risks pile up, Sidney stands to lose her credibility and the first true love of her life.

"Just the right amount of naughty ... a booming tee shot down the middle."

-Richard Reed

Gracie's Revolution: A Johnson Station Novel. Sunacumen Press, 2016, paperback.

Tiny Johnson Station, Iowa, is dying, but librarian Gracie Jensen, sees its potential, even if the town's leaders don't care enough to try new things. Meanwhile, ambitious politician Gregory Thungaard fights to censor the library's collection, and buck the town's growing diversity. Gracie discovers a secret that could kill Gregory's political career, but revealing it would betray the immigrant teenager she's taken under her wing. Setting a heartwarming example of resilience, Gracie starts a revolution that will change the town and its people. 

"A fresh, honest take on small-town America."

-Lynne Spreen, award-winning author of Dakota Blues

Jackie's Campaign: A Johnson Station Novel. Sunacumen Press, 2017, paperback.

The battle for Johnson Station is far from over. With librarian Gracie out of town, the old guard thinks they're back in charge. But when retired teacher Jackie joins the revolution Gracie started, signing on as campaign manager for historian and her old flame, Armand, in his race for mayor, change starts to appear inevitable. An FBI raid on city hall, a drug busts and a negative newspaper reporter threaten Jackie's success and make her question whether she can be the heroine she was once declared to be. 

"...a fresh breath of post-retirement action."

-Renee Canter Johnson, author of The Haunting of William Gray

Martha's Revenge: A Johnson Station Novel. Sunacumen Press, 2018, paperback.

Since she was young, Marcia knew she couldn't stay in Johnson Station and have a satisfying career. Her father had said so. Fired from the town's only bank, Marcia is torn between staying to help her town's revitalization and taking a career-boosting job in Seattle. A financial setback augers for the job in the city, but a personal tragedy postpones her move. As she grows to understand her own stake in her hometown's survival, Marcia discovers that bringing people together can be the best revenge against those who try to tear them apart.

"I love Johnson Station."

-Elizabeth Stuckey-French, author of The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady

Thwack!  Sunacumen Press, 2015, paperback.

"Romance, murder, science and witchcraft in a tale of friendship and second chances." Astrophysicist Cetacea Whitholm looks the very picture of success with a best-selling textbook on the origins of the moon, a handsome young philosophy professor for a husband, and a nice home on Prof Hill. But inside, she is still haunted by the death of her young son and the failure of her first marriage. When she comes home and finds her second husband murdered in their basement, even Cetacea thinks she's the prime suspect. Did she commit the heinous crime in a drunken stupor, or was she framed by Basina, the odd, yet brilliant mathematician in her office. 

"Beautifully written, very touching story ."

-Burju Chatham

Romances by Marjorie Pinkerton Miller

Romancing the Dog: Three Romance Novellas, 2020, Paperback

Everyone Loves Zelda: When Julie returns from France to take over her parents' wine store, she expects to retrieve her big Swiss Mountain Dog. But dog-sitter Jon doesn't want to give her up. Can their disagreement lead to an even better arrangement?

Love Between the Vines: Sofia fears her trip home to babysit the family dog in wine-country Walla Walla, WA, is ruined when her fiancé backs out of the trip. It gets worse when she finds she must share her vacation with Enzo, her brother's charismatic, attractive friend from Argentina.

Love on the Links: Beth loves her big malamute and her wealthy boyfriend loves golf. When he convinces her to take lessons in Palm Springs, she's left to spend hours alone with her handsome golf instructor while Dan plays rounds with his rowdy friends.

One Way to Succeed: A Boutique Hotels of Palm Springs Romance, 2017, paperback 

Rick and Amy meet as they rescue a stray dog on the street in front of the cafe where she works. Luckily Rick needs help at his real estate development company, and Amy is looking for a way to restart her stalled career. He hires her as an admin, and as she hankers for a promotion he tries to figure out how to lay her off to dodge the conflicts caused by their growing attraction for each other. When Amy pulls off the real estate coup of the decade for him, he sees it as subterfuge rather than a solution. Then an elderly Mexican woman shows up and makes him question everything he thought he knew.

"The conflicts are compelling and believable, the romance hot and exciting." 

- Lynne Spreen, award-winning author of Dakota Blues

No Way to Win: A Boutique Hotels Novel of Palm Springs, 2017, paperback

When Casa de Buen Dia announces an opening for a new director of its management arm, Sandra hopes she might get the job and get her career back on track. But interviewing for the job, she senses Brian is interested in something other than her credentials. While she's been through this before, and thought she'd learned her lesson, she can't ignore her attraction to him. Although Brian knows she's the best candidate for the job, he is worried Sandra will plot to take over his company, just as his mother displaced his father years before. When his mother reveals the truth of his father's disappearance, Brian must decide if he can overcome his distrust of ambitious women.

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