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The Ouray Surprise

While we vacationed in Ridgway, CO, waiting for my book tour to begin, my friend Janet came down from her home in Colorado Springs to go hiking with me.

One day, we drove down to lovely Ouray—a historic mountain village set below the peaks of the San Juan Mountains—to hike the perimeter trail. Of course, we got lost, and after several miles of steep, narrow trails, we descended into town, looking for flatter terrain and something to drink and eat.

Walking down the main street, we came upon a bookstore. Last time I was in Ouray—some 30 years ago—there was no bookstore in town. As dirty and smelly as I was, I walked in and asked the man at the counter if the store was carrying my book.

“What book is it?” he asked, obligingly.

“The Rebel Nun.”

“Sounds familiar,” he said, turning to check his computer.

“Here it is!” Janet said, standing behind me.

I turned to see the fine cover of my book nicely displayed in the top, center spot on the front table.

“Oh, yeah,” said Brian, the proprietor. “I knew it sounded familiar.”

Thrilled to see the book placed in such a privileged spot, I promised to return lately with some tote bags, bookmarks and book lights, courtesy of Blackstone Publishing. I signed the books he had on hand and had a nice discussion with Brian about small publishers.

Of all the pleasant surprises in the coming weeks on my book tour, this incident stands out as the very best. If you are traveling to that part of Colorado sometime, please stop in and say hi to Brian and Amy. And tell them Marj sent you.

Nancy Nixon and I at the Ouray Bookshop.

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Elizabeth Van Zandt
Elizabeth Van Zandt
27 set 2021

How fabulous to walk in the bookstore and find your book prominently displayed. I hope the rest of your tour goes as well.

Mi piace
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