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Fun and books in Sioux Falls

The finest book events on my book tour have been those that were set up by friends, friends of friends, family members, or bookstores in cities where I have a history (Denver, CO, and Ames, IA, for example). Perhaps this is always the way it goes for people with small-to-midsized publishers whose marketing budgets don’t match those of the Big Five publishers.

My next event in Sioux Falls, SD, was arranged by my niece, and followed two mornings of nine-hole golf on sweet South Dakota golf courses and an afternoon of shopping, wine tasting (okay, drinking, not tasting), and dining in Sioux Falls’ tony, bustling downtown. While on main street (Phillips Ave.), I stepped into the bookstore, Zandbroz, (that's Chrissy - the tall one - and me - on tip toes - in front of Zandbroz below) and introduced myself to the book buyer there. I showed him my lovely book, which was designed by Kathryn English at Blackstone Publishing—often her cover sells the book by itself. He was most receptive and promised to order copies of The Rebel Nun the next week. I saw other Blackstone books on his shelves, so I’m hopeful that he will follow up. Some of the people who have read Matrix may be in the mood for more medieval nunnery!

My niece, Chrissy Meyer, has served as my favorite beta reader for the past few years as she has a keen sense of narrative arc and character development. She works in marketing for the American Heart Association, and they’re lucky to have her. She got her journalism degree at Iowa State as I did, so perhaps we have some of the same ideas about what makes a good story.

Chrissy knew I was going to be in the upper Midwest on my book tour and offered to host a book event for me. It was a small but engaged gathering (below), surrounded by all the good stuff: cheese, wine, and Clotild’s cranberry cider cocktails. We didn’t finish all the cheese, but I didn’t mind taking it on the road with me the next day.

As it turned out, my South Dakota visit wasn’t the end of my book tour as I had thought. A most unexpected reception awaited me in Nebraska.

Next: The surprise in Valentine, NE, and a little novel research on the prairie

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